custom ceramic tiles

A Brief Overview of Tiled Flooring

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your restroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in your home. What kind do you need, and what color? Pattern? Which will work best where? Do you need custom ceramic tiles, vinyl, or linoleum? What’s the difference?

The best way to decide what kind of flooring you need is to first plan where you are going to put the flooring. If you are setting new tile in an area of the house that sees a lot of moisture, vinyl flooring is probably the best option. It’s impervious to water and it’s incredibly inexpensive in comparison to ceramic or wood flooring. It’s also soft and easy to maintain, which is a plus if you have children falling down and rough housing around the house.

custom ceramic tiles

Linoleum flooring can be used to mimic the appearance of tile or hardwood, just as vinyl can. Linoleum and vinyl have a lot in common, actually, but linoleum isn’t as durable. Ceramic, on the other hand, is made with clay and can be relatively expensive compared to other options. It is hard and strong, and ceramic tiles can come in a number of any shapes and sizes. They’re easy to customize for a unique look in your home.

All of these options are relatively water resistant and easy to maintain, so the choice may be made on cost alone or what you want your finished installation to look like. They all have many options when it comes to colors and patterns, but they all look different enough to be recognizable. Ceramic is definitely harder than and not as nice to fall on as vinyl or linoleum if you have younger children, but it does have the potential to be a rather artistic addition to your home.